When ordering images & prints, you agree that Gaune Studios uses their artistic discretion and judgement when handling all aspects of your image order; including brightness, colour balance, photo editing, as well as image rotation and cropping.  You also understand that the final cropping result depends to a large extent on the image size (length to width ratio) of the print/display dimensions you requested, as outlined in CROP NOTE.  For example, a 5x7" print will have some vertical cropping compared to a 4x6" image.  All Proofs are displayed in their original 4:6 ratio format. 

Before ordering, you agree that you have read the CROP NOTE and understand the COLOUR OPTIONS and RETOUCH OPTIONS available to you (links explaining each, on this website).

You also understand that order fulfillment can take 3-5 weeks depending on size of order.  If you would like an order rushed, there is an additional fee for overtime work required.  Additionally, if you require shipping or delivery, an additional ship fee will be added.

COMMERCIAL/HIGH-RES CLIENTS: All images may have been adjusted according to our lab’s settings.  However, note that calibration and settings may vary from computer to computer, as well as software; thus, your graphic artist and printer are ultimately responsible for the colour and brightness/contrast of any printed output. We highly recommend you do individual test prints for colour/brightness before mass printing: it will save you time and money. We typically provide files in RGB format - the colour appearance may change if converted to CMYK.


To Order Images/Prints:

Use your password and login provided to access your proofs.  Print size options will be available from the drop-down menus.  Submit your order: if you have any special requests or notes, please email us directly. When we have approved your order, and applied any applicable credits or multiple print discounts (30% for same image #, same size or smaller minus specialty mounts and canvases),  you will receive an invoice.  Orders over $50 must be payed prior to us starting your order.  You currently have the option of paying in person, mailing a cheque, or paypal online payment.


Returns/Cancellations Policy:

A Retainer Fee of $50 is required to book photo shoots. This fee is to reserve your date and time. It is not refundable in the event that you cancel the shoot. The $50 will be credited towards the balance of your payment.  The balance of payment is due on or before the shoot.

There are no returns or refunds on prints or services.  If you have a specific concern, please bring it to our attention and we would be happy to work with you.  Additionally, prior to the shoot, we encourage open communication about your needs and concerns so that we can provide you with the best service.


Viewer Proofs:

All viewer files are proofs for viewing on your computer.  They are not large enough to print; the quality and resolution would be GREATLY compromised.  Note that every computer will display colours, brightness and saturation differently, depending on the calibration.  If your computer displays photos that are consistently dark or over/under saturated, please correct accordingly before viewing your photo files.

Also note that they have not been retouched or colour/brightness processed.  Please keep this in mind when choosing your favourites; thus, don’t let a photo that is slightly too dark, too bright, too red or too yellow, etc keep you from choosing it if you love it otherwise - your enlargements and prints will be appropriately colour and brightness corrected.  Also, for prints and high res orders, some light basic touching is included for purchased prints or high res images: light retouching of skin as well as the background.  If you like, prints may also be cropped.

For ordering, the 4 digit number is required (i.e. 1358).  You will see this number in the file name or on the back of any prints.  Don’t forget to include the print size you desire, as well as the quantity.  Also include any crop/zoom (i.e. crop just around head & shoulders), rotation (i.e rotate 30 degrees left), colour alteration of part or all of the image, brightness/contrast of part or all of the image, and retouching requests.  Retouching is an additional fee.

Please order prints, enlargements and high res digital files WITHIN 6 MONTHS of photo shoot. We do not keep images longer than this duration.


Colour Options:

A variety of colour and special effect options are available. View link. 

Retouching/Editing Options:

Basic, light retouching is included with all print and high res orders.  Please view link for more info.

Important Print Size Cropping Note:

Please be aware that when ordering prints, different image sizes have different length to width ratios.  Your original viewer proof has an 2:3 ratio (same as 4:6, 8:12, 16:24, etc).  Therefore, when ordering a 5x7 image, there will be some image cropping lengthwise, compared to the original viewer proof.  The same goes for an 8x10 - there will be even more lengthwise crop of the longest side.  See the image samples for examples.  We use our artistic discretion in cropping and zooming to provide you with the best composition for the print size.

ZOOM in (close-up) in Image:  In some cases, you can specify if you would like zooming in of an image; for example, in a 3/4 body shot, you may want to zoom into just a head-shot (sample also below, last page).  We will use our discretion for best cropping and composition; however you are free to put in your requests.  Photos may also be rotated for interesting effect: you will have to request this.  

Print Options:

There are a variety of sizes and attractive display options: Choose standard prints for framing, modern plaquemounts (no frame required), or artistic canvas prints (no frame needed) in metallic or standard. Please view link for complete pricing and product list.