Click on the Service You Require to Purchase & Pay for Your Photo Shoot:

Payment, Retainer Fee & Refunds:

1. A Retainer Fee of $50 is required to book photo shoots. This fee is to reserve your date and time. It is not refundable in the event that you cancel the shoot. The $50 will be used towards the balance of your payment.
2. The balance of payment is due at or before the shoot.
3. There are no returns or refunds on prints or services.  If you have a specific need or concern, please bring it to our attention and we would be happy to work with you.  Additionally, prior to the shoot, we encourage open communication about your needs that we can provide you with the best service. Consults are free of charge and we encourage you to use this service!
4. Shoot prices and services are fully disclosed at Please email us for login. 

Gaune Studios Privacy Policy:

We appreciate that our ciients permit us to use their images for our website, as our portfolio is the most important demonstration of our abilities.  In return, as per our PRIVACY POLICY, Gaune Studios will never sell or give away your image to any third parties. Additionally Gaune Studios uses a web format which protects your images; you will note that on our main website,, it is impossible for the average web-user to drag, drop, and save specific images from our galleries. We have invested in these programming measures to protect images of our clients. On our image ordering sites, all of your images are accessible via password only. We do not post your images without your permission on facebook, flickr and other accounts. Gaune Studios may post your image on their website, which is owned by Gaune Studios, and for advertisement of our services. Additionally, we do not tag or label your images with personal information about you. Finally, we do not share, or sell any of your contact information.

Terms & Conditions:

1. When ordering images & prints, you agree that Gaune Studios uses their artistic discretion and judgement when handling all aspects of your image order; including brightness, colour balance, photo editing, as well as image rotation and cropping. You also understand that the final cropping result depends to a large extent on the image size (length to width ratio) of the print/display dimensions you requested, as outlined in depth in CROP NOTE. All Proofs are displayed in their original 2:3 ratio format.
2. You understand that order fulfillment can take 10 business days. If you would like an order rushed, there is an additional fee for overtime work required; typically $20 per image for a 3-day rush.
3. Gaune Studios retains ownership and rights to all images. You purchase images for specific usage rights as specified in your contract. Gaune Studios may use your images for their portfolio and/or advertisement of their services only, as per our privacy policy. As per our PRIVACY POLICY, Gaune Studios will never sell or give away your image to any third parties.
4. If you hire Gaune Studios for a location shoot, whether in your home or another location, you understand that Gaune Studios is not liable for any damage to your persons or property. With this in mind, we recommend you take appropriate measures to protect/put away valuables on the premises prior to the shoot.
5. Gaune Studios is not liable for any delays caused by outside parties, other vendors, members of your party/family. In the event of such a delay, you will be charged for additional service time.