Important Print Size Cropping Note:

Please be aware that when ordering prints, different image sizes have different length to width ratios.  Your original viewer proof has an 2:3 ratio (same as 4:6, 8:12, 16:24, etc).  Therefore, when ordering a 5x7 image, there will be some image cropping lengthwise, compared to the original viewer proof.  The same goes for an 8x10 - there will be even more lengthwise crop of the longest side.  ZOOM in (close-up) in Image:  In some cases, you can specify if you would like zooming in of an image; for example, in a 3/4 body shot, you may want to zoom into just a head-shot (sample also below, last page).  Photos may also be rotated for interesting effect. See the image samples below for examples.  We use our artistic discretion in cropping and zooming to provide you with the best composition for the print size.

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